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Mazowieckie Centrum Hodowli i Rozrodu Zwierząt Sp. z o.o. w Łowiczu
[Animals Breeding and Reproduction Centre Ltd. in Łowicz]
99-400 Łowicz ul. Topolowa 49
tel. 46 8370749, fax 46 8370237,,

About the company ...

Mazowieckie Centrum Hodowli i Rozrodu Zwierząt Sp. z o.o. [Animals Breeding and Reproduction Centre Ltd.] in Łowicz is a modern company involved in breeding activities and providing services related to breeding and reproduction of animals to cattle and pigs’ breeders, as well as beekeepers. Our Company means over 50 years' tradition in Poland. The company is a market leader. It associates 9 breeding plants covering the semen demand for 30% of cow population in Poland. For many years we have been cooperating with leading representatives of the breeding branch from Germany - OHG Osnabrück from France - Genes Diffusion, USA - Alta Genetics and - recently - with Genetic Austria. We are the only Polish representative of OHG Osnabruck and Genetic Austria. The breeding programme is mainly based on German and American genetics, taking advantage of embriotransfer. The programme conforms to the strictest European standards and is created to meet the needs of breeders from the entire Europe. We are holders of the EU veterinary certificate entitling us to produce and package semen. Our breeding bulls are evaluated internationally and the results are available in the Interbull ranking. Our offer also includes semen of breeding bulls from imported dairy and meat breeds. Artificial insemination of sows is done through semen sale or providing complex insemination services with boar semen produced in our 5 Sows Insemination Stations. Our breeding apiary is famous for deep breeding traditions and the bee lines are derived and maintained there constitute a valuable apiarian material. Cattle and pig labs have been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for production of biological material. We cooperate with leading state Institutes and scientific centres. We participate in the international exchange programme. We train personnel and advise on breeding and reproduction of farm animals.

The Animals Breeding and Reproduction Centre Ltd. in Łowicz is open for business and eager to share the know-how and experience based on many years of tradition and professionalism.